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What is Larseo?

Larseo is an SEO platform that offers a suite of powerful SEO tools, including keyword research, bulk SERP analysis, keyword search intent bulk checker, topic explorer, and keyword extractor. What sets Larseo apart from other apps is its focus on topical authority and AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks.

By honing in on these specific areas, Larseo is able to provide highly unique, specialized, and effective tools for improving website rankings and driving traffic. Whether you're an SEO expert or just starting out, Larseo can help you achieve your goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Road Map

  • Topic Builder to help you build Topical Map.

  • Content Optimization with NLP.

  • Internal Link Suggestions with Topical Authority Involved.


Does Larseo offer a lifetime deal?

Yes, but it was over. We don't have a plan to re-open it in the near future.

Does Larseo have an affiliate program?

Yes, for additional information and to register, please visit https://larseo.app/affiliate

Where does Larseo get data from?

This article provides an overview of the SEO metrics of Larseo and explains how they are calculated, helping you to answer this question.

Can I pause or suspend my subscription?

Unfortunately, there is no option to pause your subscription currently. Instead, you can cancel your subscription and re-subscribe when you're ready to join us again.

How does the credit system work on Larseo?

Credit is only be used for the Keyword Finder tool to analyze, cluster, and get all-in-tile data. To see how credit is being charged, please visit the Pricing page.

For further inquiries regarding credits, please visit Credit System

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