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Credit Overview

What is Credit in Larseo?

Credit is a type of currency used on Larseo that lets users use different tools and features on the platform.

How do I know how many Credits I have left in my account?

Users can check their Credit balance by navigating to the "Credits" section in their Larseo Dashboard or in the Account dropdown.

How do I check the Credit consumption for each feature?

Users can check the Credit consumption for each feature and Credit Transaction by clicking on the "Credits" on the Account dropdown.

Are free monthly credits that are not used one month rolled to the next?

No. Free monthly credits are reset every month. However, the credits you purchased separately will be rolled over to the next month.

Can I get a subscription and add credits on top?

Yes. When you are on a subscription, you can still buy "pay as you go" credits. Your monthly credits will be spent first, followed by the pay-as-you-go credits, which will be put on top of your monthly credits.

Compare the Monthly Credit Amounts of the Different Plans

Purchase Credits

You can visit this link to purchase credits https://app.larseo.app/credits/buy

Larseo provides four packages of Credits, with the Professional plan featuring the following prices:

As you can see, the more Credits you purchase, the higher the discount you receive on the package price per credit.

Credits purchased in Larseo never expire and can be used at any time.

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