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Uncover a fresh approach to keyword research, distinct from conventional tools.

After finding many long-tail keywords, you may wonder, which keyword should I prioritize between thousands of keywords?

In this section, we will demonstrate a novel technique known as SERP Analysis which can be used to identify low-hanging fruit keywords - those which are easier to rank for.

What Are Low-Hanging Fruits Keywords?

  1. 🎯 Low-hanging fruit keywords: Easy to rank for in SERPs.

  2. 📉 Lower competition: Less competition among websites for these keywords.

  3. 🚀 Quick SEO wins: Improve website visibility faster.

  4. 🚦 Increased traffic: Potentially drives more authentic visitors.

  5. 💰 Better conversion rates: These can lead to higher rates of user engagement and sales.

Summary: Low-hanging fruit keywords offer easy SEO wins with lower competition and increased potential for authentic traffic and conversion. 🌟

Differences Between SERP Analysis & Traditional Keyword Research

Basically, what we do with classical keyword tools is identify low-hanging fruit keywords that have relatively high volume and low KD (keyword Difficulty). However, with the SERP Analysis technique, we want to check the SERP out for each keyword in the list to see where we can compete and identify the Weak Pages.

The main issue is that it takes a considerable amount of time and energy to manually check the SERP for each keyword. Analyzing the SERPs for a large number of keywords to get a list of direct competitors can take several hours or even days - this is where Larseo comes in.

Larseo can analyze thousands of keywords in a single click.

A competitor has been deemed a Weak Page if it has a low Domain Authority (default value is 20) or is a Forum/User Generated Content (UGC) platform, such as Reddit, Quora, StackOverflow, etc.

How to Run SERP Analysis on Your Keyword Report

First, you need to go to your keyword report and select the keywords that you want to analyze. You can choose the keyword to analyze based on the volume or your own interest or simply just choose all.

Tip: You can quickly see the total volume of selected keywords on the top before analyzing it. It can give you a rough estimation of whether those selected keywords are enough for you or not before actually paying credit to analyze them.

After clicking the Analyze Keywords button, a modal will appear, allowing you to adjust settings before beginning the process.

Use Old Analyzed Data

In this option, Larseo will check for the duplicated keywords in your other keyword reports. If you already analyzed them, Larseo will use the old analyzed data, so you can save some credits.

Please be aware that Larseo only permits the utilization of data that is up to 30 days old, due to frequent updates to Google's Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


You can also add some add-ons to your SERP analysis.

Check Whois Data

Larseo will supply you with the WHOIS data for the domain of the Weak Pages. If a site with a domain age of less than one year can rank for a given keyword, that could be a potential keyword.

Enrich SERP Data

Larseo will give you way more than just Title Match, Domain Authority, Website Platforms, Whois Data, and Weak Pages when you analyze a keyword. You'll also get Referring Domains, Backlinks, Traffic, and Facebook/Pinterest/Reddit Shares for 10 URLs on the SERP.

If a keyword has weak pages, you will see something like this:

If a keyword has more than 3 weak pages, it could be a low-hanging fruit keyword. To view the details of these pages, simply hover over the favicon or click it to go to the page to see if you can beat them with better content.

You can even use the TOP SERP filter, to only obtain keywords that have weak pages are Forum/UGCs in the TOP 3 which are super easy-to-rank keywords.

Tip: If you see some website favicon repeatedly show up in different keywords, it is highly likely that they are your direct competitors in your niche.

Tip: Look at the weak pages which are ranking for the top 3 in SERP and whose titles don't match the keyword you're checking, and add them to your writing list. This is effective because few pages use the exact keyword in their titles. By providing timely and relevant content, you increase your chances of ranking high on SERP.

You can quickly identify keywords with at least one competitor that does not have a matching title by utilizing the Only No Match Title filter.

Never Running Out of Keyword Ideas

Upon analyzing keywords, you may observe that your keyword report displays more keywords than previously. This is due to the fact that Larseo extracts all People Also Asked (PAA) keywords and Related keywords from Google SERP when analyzing keywords.

You can find them in the PAA & Related tab.

Competitors View

In addition to the PAA & Related tab, the Competitors tab provides a comprehensive view of all competitors in the keyword report.

This view offers valuable insights into competitor performance, allowing you to quickly compare your website with the competitors in terms of Domain Authority, ranking keywords, and pages.

Are You a Visual Learner?

We made a step-by-step video for finding keywords with low competition on Youtube. You might want to check it out.

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